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20 Feb
Thinking About Buying a Pop-Up Camper? Consider This…

Thinking About Buying a Pop-Up Camper? Consider This…

We often joke that buying our first pop up camper was the best and worst decision that we ever made. And it really was. It was the best decision because discovering the RVing lifestyle was a life changing series of moments for our family. It was the worst decision because we bought the wrong pop up camper. Yup, we are one of the statistics. We bought a shiny new pop up camper with all of the bells and whistles for over $10,000. What we should have bought was a used one, for maybe $2,000 or $3,000 tops. We spent way too much money only to... Read More

Can We Still Call it Camping? The Trailer Upgrade of 2012

I earned my camping stripes early on as the daughter of an Eagle Scout. Every piece of equipment our family owned was Army issued. My sisters and I slept in an eight-man green canvas tent that seemed to weigh hundreds of pounds. In inclement weather the three of us girls would huddle in the middle, repeating our mantra over and over…don’t touch the sides, don’t touch the sides.  One time, when I was about eight, my father refused to cancel a scheduled trip to Assateague Island despite an approaching hurricane. The State Park... Read More

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