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Thoughts On Coffee (and work, and marriage, and life)

I started drinking coffee when I was 13 years old. Young, right? But it made perfect sense at the time. I was a teenager with no allowance and parents who were not inclined to buy frivolous items. I needed a job. Bad. Without a car or reliable ride, I had to look for something within walking distance. There happened to be a gas station up on the corner, so I paid the owner a visit, lied about my age, and started pumping gas the next week. On Saturdays and Sundays I opened up the station. I would walk up to the corner at 4:45 am in the dark,... Read More

Gear for the Girls (a decent cup of joe equals decent human being)

I take back any hostile remarks I ever made about my camp stove. Now that I have the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker, I love my little propane-breathing, three-burner buddy. My camping coffee journey started so authentically last year when I packed a blue-speckled, enamelware percolator for our first family camping trip. The item itself immediately brought to mind what a perfect camping moment should look like–fleeces and Uggs to protect against the chill of the morning, soft mist rising slowly into a clearing sky, bubbles of perfect,... Read More

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