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04 Dec
Great Books for RV and Camping Lovers

Great Books for RV and Camping Lovers

We here at the RVFTA Podcast Network are passionate about camping and RV Travel and are also passionate about good books. We have an extensive library covering these topics, and wanted to share an epic list of our favorites. Whether you are interested in coffee table books filled with vintage campers, reference books that will inspire your own adventures, or “how to” primers on caring for your RV–we’ve got you covered. We often regret time wasted surfing the internet or doodling on social media, but we never regret... Read More

Giveaway!!! Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern

Thanks to Clarkson Potter, publisher of the 9th edition of Roadfood, for providing us with 2 copies of this fantastic book to give away to our readers. Enter to win by liking one of the Roadfood posts on Facebook, or you can comment on this post. You get an additional 2 entries if you tell us about your favorite road food experience! We need ideas for our future trips. We have never had a miss using this book, and we are happy to share the... Read More
02 Mar
Feed Your Belly and Soul with Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood

Feed Your Belly and Soul with Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood

It’s going to snow again tonight at the Jersey Shore. Enough I say!  ENOUGH!!!  When I spot that first seemingly innocent, seemingly cute snowflake I am going to go out into my backyard, shake my fists at the heavens, curse the Polar Vortex, and demand the immediate and unambiguous arrival of Spring. After I do that I’m going to relax and spend the rest of the evening mapping out some of our spring and summer road trips.  We have reservations for campgrounds in Myrtle Beach, The Brandywine Valley, Cape Cod, and the White... Read More
02 Dec
Coffee Table Mojo: KOA and the Art of Kamping

Coffee Table Mojo: KOA and the Art of Kamping

KOA And The Art of Kamping It’s only early December but I miss camping season already.  I love the holidays as much as the next dad–but I love getting out in our RV even more.  Our family has spent over a hundred nights camping during the past four years and most of those nights have been spent at KOA campgrounds.  Stephanie calls me a “KOA Fanboy,” and its true.  I like their friendly cancellation policy and their kid friendly activities and amenities.  But what I have really loved the most about the KOA campgrounds... Read More

Campfire Cuisine Giveaway (You can use this in the regular kitchen,too)

A few weeks ago Stephanie reviewed a cookbook that she really loved called Campfire Cuisine published by the adventurous Quirk Books.  She found the recipes to be excellent both for camping and for home.  Here is a quote from her review: Campfire Cuisine doesn’t just appeal to me as a ‘camper’, it also serves as a great resource for weekday meal planning. Even if you are not now (or ever!) heading out in the RV, you could use the make ahead tips for the nights you have to get dinner on the table fast. I reached out to Quirk... Read More

Campfire Cuisine, by Robin Donovan (this is for you kitchen dwellers, too)

Honestly, I rolled my eyes when my husband handed me this book. Four years ago, when we first started camping with the boys, I did a little research on ‘camping’ recipes. It wasn’t like I was planning on cooking over the campfire or anything…two babies on a campsite kept us busy enough without having to worry about open flames and charred meat. I was just looking for some tips for planning simple meals that traveled well. I quickly found out that if you search for camping recipes you basically find recipes for stews or... Read More

He gets the goods; She unpacks them: Book Buying and Book Reading

As you can tell from his last post, Jeremy really loves everything about buying books- not just the books themselves but also the stores, the cafes, and even the (ahem) t-shirts. Yes, he actually owns a Strand t-shirt from the ’90s and it is still in regular rotation. The whole book store thing is a little bit of a romantic attachment, but as he reminds me regularly, it could be worse. And while I don’t enjoy the bookstores, he is right in arguing that I do enjoy the purchases. Lucky for him. Value added. So I kind of see it this... Read More

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