RVFTA #88: Meet the New North American Camper!

RV Family Travel Atlas

RVFTA #88: Meet the New North American Camper!

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RVFTA #88: Meet the New North American Camper!

Meet the New North American Camper!

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are studying the statistics and taking a good hard look at the 2016 North American Camping Report. This is the second annual edition of the survey, conducted by the Cairn Consulting Group and sponsored by Kampgrounds of America.

So we poured over the pages and pulled out what we thought were the most interesting tidbits. Who is camping and how much are they doing it? Are we logging onto wifi or turning off our devices? Are we pouring into the public campgrounds or embracing the resort amenities? Some findings lined up with our thinking…some findings surprised us quite a bit.

On the agenda:

  • Who is camping?
  • Where are they camping?
  • Are more people camping and what do we know about the newbies?
  • Where are we at with technology?
  • Is diversity still increasing at our campgrounds?

Last year, we discussed the 2015 North American Camping Report on Episode #28, and if you missed that one, go back and take a listen. We focused on a whole different set of topics in that one, and it’s worth checking out.

Here are some other links mentioned in the show:

You might think the camping industry stays the same year after year. But we know that that campers are shaking things up in this country. You are listening to Episode #88: Say Hello to the New North American Camper.

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1 Comment

  1. deanchs1980

    Hi Stephanie and Jeremy,

    Very cool episode! Loved your reflections about the 2016 North American Camping Report. I find the data and demographic information fascinating. Great job hitting the highlights.

    I also really appreciate your comments regarding the campground becoming a more diverse social system. I found your willingness to embrace this diversity refreshing.

    As you know, Laura and I are newbies with very limited camping experience. I have definitely found the “campground” to be in many ways the Great American Neighborhood that we all want. In terms of diversity, I have seen this mostly in social class with very expensive Class As right next that 20 year old pop-up, for example. In my limited anectdotal camping experience, I have not yet seen much diversity beyond social class. Of course this may have much to do with my limited experience and where we have camped as well as the type of camping we have done.

    If the camp ground is to truly be the Great American Neighborhood, it should be a place of diversity and an environment that embraces it in my opinion.

    As always, thank you for another wonderful RVFTA podcast episode! 😉

    Take care,


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