RVFTA #85 Campground Etiquette 101

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RVFTA #85 Campground Etiquette 101

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RVFTA #85 Campground Etiquette 101

On this week’s episode, RV School is in session with Campground Etiquette 101. Campgrounds are pretty happy places, but if you don’t have good campground manners, you might get the cold shoulder around the evening campfire. We will give you tips for minding your social q’s and making friends wherever you park your rig.

Our conversation is broken down into three main categories:

  • Shared Campground Spaces
  • Campsite manners
  • Interacting with other happy campers

We would love to hear your comments and thoughts on this episode! What did we leave out? Any disagreements?

Plus, we thrilled to welcome the owners of the Inn Town Campground back to the show. Dan and Erin joined us over a year ago to talk about building a campground in Nevada City, California. They were just breaking ground and starting to clear the sites.

Now they are opening in just a few short months, and we are touching base on the highs and lows of being campground entrepreneurs. The Inn Town Campground is already taking reservations, and we are wishing them the very best of luck on this awesome endeavor!

We also mention the following news items on this episode:

You might think its all kumbaya at the campground. But we know that nothing turns a happy camper cranky like bad campground etiquette. You are listening to Episode #85: Campground Etiquette 101.

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1 Comment

  1. DeanCHS1980

    Hi Stephanie and Jeremy,

    Listened to RVFTA #85 Campground Etiquette 101 last night. As always, another great episode. Rather than renting a movie or going out, Laura and I were tired from yard work. We ate tuna on crackers, relaxed on the couch, while listening to RVFTA. Us empty nesters don’t exactly party like rockstars anymore. We thoroughly enjoyed our quiet time listening to the podcast.

    Hmm, “Casita Dean”, has a nice ring to it!

    Take care,


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