RVFTA #81: Spring Camping Resolutions 2016

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RVFTA #81: Spring Camping Resolutions 2016

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RVFTA #81: Spring Camping Resolutions 2016

Spring Camping Resolutions 2016

Happy Spring, everybody! Here in the Northeast everyone is opening up the RVs and celebrating the beginning of camping season. And at RVFTA, that means it’s also time for our Spring Camping Resolutions.

We started this tradition last year on Episode #27, and it was fun (and a little nerve-wracking) for us to go back and listen to our resolutions from the beginning of camping season in 2015. We scored ourselves on our progress and accomplishments in the first segment of this show.

Then after a little reflection, it is onto our goals for the camping season ahead. Stephanie has 5 goals, Jeremy has 5 goals, and they both agree that this will be the best travel year ever.


You might think that resolutions should be made on January 1st. But our new year really starts when we hitch up and head to the campground for the first time. You are listening to Episode #81: RVFTA Spring Camping Resolutions 2016!


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