RVFTA #39: To Rally Or Not To Rally?

RV Family Travel Atlas

RVFTA #39: To Rally Or Not To Rally?

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RVFTA #39: To Rally Or Not To Rally?

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the good ole fashioned RV Rally. These are wildly popular among some segments of the RVing population…but with Gen Xers and the Millenials? Not so much.

Well, we hosted our first rally a couple of weeks ago and everyone had a wonderful time. It got us thinking…will the younger generation of RVers reinvent the rally to suit a different style of travel and socializing? We will talk about our experience at the RVFTA rally and how it changed our thinking on this topic.

Lake in Wood Campground hosted the #RVFTA rally a few weeks ago, and you couldn’t find a better place for group camping. We give a complete campground review of this amazing resort location.

lake in wood campground

And Stephanie got to hang out at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY last week with a bunch of Sisters on the Fly and their vintage travel trailers.

vintage trailer outside

vintage trailer inside

They’ve got this whole group camping thing down to a science and we asked a few of them to share why rallies are so meaningful to them. Listen to hear Susie Q from Be Back Soon Love Mom, and Janine Pettit’s camping sister Carol share their thoughts on rallying.

country living panel

Plus, Stephanie flies solo for an interview with Courtney Robey, Marketing Communications Manager at GoRving. Listen to hear all about their new media campaigns and experiential projects designed to reach a younger generation of RVer.

go rving

All of this and so much more on Episode 39 of RV Family Travel Atlas: To Rally or Not to Rally?

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