RVFTA #38: The Family Road Trip…What’s In It For Mom and Dad?

RV Family Travel Atlas

RVFTA #38: The Family Road Trip…What’s In It For Mom and Dad?

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RVFTA #38: The Family Road Trip…What’s In It For Mom and Dad?

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about good ole Mom and Dad.

Awhile back we recorded a podcast about how our kids benefit from RV travel. It was called The Family Road Trip: What’s in it for the Kids? This ended up being one of our most popular episodes, and parents regularly write us letters talking about how they relate to the reflections we shared. We all want so badly to raise kind, curious, flexible, and adventurous kids. RVing is such a great way to work towards those goals.

This week we wanted to turn the tables and talk about moms and dads. RVing and family travel doesn’t just benefit the little guys. We have grown as individuals, as parents, and as a couple over the last 5 years of hitching up and heading out to the campground. Listen to hear the list of the ways we think we have changed through our experiences as an RVing family.

We’ve said it before: It’s not always easy, but we do believe it’s worth it.

And we are thrilled to have an interview with the couple who got us thinking about this topic in the first place. David and Veronica James, aka The Gypsynesters, bought an RV and hit the road after the last of their children had flown the nest. Six years later they are still traveling and having the adventures of a lifetime. Their recently released book, Going Gypsy: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All, is hilarious and inspiring.

Going Gypsy book

We reached out to Veronica and David not only to hear some of their great stories, but also to ask them to share some advice for young parents who are still in the thick of raising kids. Boy, did they deliver. Listen to hear these Gypsynesters talk about remaining a connected and adventurous couple throughout this whole parenting gig.

And we would love to hear from you. How has travel and RVing helped you grow as an individual or a couple? The kids are important, but so are we.

See you at the campground…

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