RVFTA #20 The Family Road Trip: What’s In It For the Kids?

RV Family Travel Atlas

RVFTA #20 The Family Road Trip: What’s In It For the Kids?

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On this episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking about the great American tradition of the family road trip. We truly believe we are helping our boys develop some pretty amazing qualities as we hitch up and explore this big and beautiful country. Road trips with kids are not always easy, but on this episode we will share why we think they are absolutely worth it!

We also share some of our favorite blog posts about travel and parenting. Jeremy reads a reflection about RVing and fatherhood, and Stephanie talks about liking her kids and creating lasting moments every single day.

We are also incredibly excited to share a terrific campground review from our FIRST RV Family Travel Atlas correspondent from the wild and beautiful state of Utah. Brett Neilson is going to tell us all about Devil’s Garden Campground in Arches National Park. At this point, we are still a ways away from exploring the beautiful western regions of this country, so we are thrilled to have a correspondent to give us the lowdown.

And a review of Trailerama, by Phil Noyes…a fun and fabulous coffee table book that has been getting a lot of page views in our house lately.

All of this on Episode 20 of RV Family Travel Atlas…The Family Road Trip: What’s in it for the Kids?

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