RVFTA #101 Sauces and Marinades with Evanne Schmarder

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RVFTA #101 Sauces and Marinades with Evanne Schmarder

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RVFTA #101 Sauces and Marinades with Evanne Schmarder


***first ever bloopers audio at the end of this episode, folks…Jeremy finally got some bad tape in***

On this week’s episode of RV Family Travel Atlas, we are talking to Evanne Schmarder, creator and cohost of the RV Cooking Show. Last time we chatted, Evanne taught us the basics of great campground grilling. Now she’s back to teach us the fancy stuff: sauces and marinades.

Evanne also schools us in stocking our RV pantries and whipping up flavorful dishes that will wow your family and friends. She was kind enough to pass along her own personal pantry checklist. You can download your own copy here. 

And in the news roundup, we chatted about the following topics:

You might think that campground cooking ends up being bland and boring. But we know that some great go-to recipes will up your RV grilling game. Take a listen to Episode #101: Sauces and Marinades with Evanne Schmarder!

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  1. Patricia Brown

    Where can I find the pantry list that Evanne promised? I can’t seem to find the show notes. Thanks!

    • RVFamilyTravelAtlas

      Hi Patricia, This page is the show notes! Look up where it says, “You can download your own copy here”. Click on that link and the pantry list will come up! Let me know if you have any problems.


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