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Parenting Reflections

Thoughts On Coffee (and work, and marriage, and life)

I started drinking coffee when I was 13 years old. Young, right? But it made perfect sense at the time. I was a teenager with no allowance and parents who were not inclined to buy frivolous items. I needed a job. Bad. Without a car or reliable ride, I had to look for something within walking distance. There happened to be a gas station up on the corner, so I paid the owner a visit, lied about my age, and started pumping gas the next week. On Saturdays and Sundays I opened up the station. I would walk up to the corner at 4:45 am in the dark,... Read More
27 Jan
RVing and Fatherhood

RVing and Fatherhood

I never went on a camping trip with my father. At least not one that I can remember. Dad, if your reading, no hard feelings. It never really bothered me because I didn’t know what I was missing. By the time I started RVing with my own children, about five years ago, I was having too much fun with them to get all sad and mopey about the past. So why do I bring it up? Because I think my personal lack of father/son camping time has subconsciously inspired me to try and be a better father. Too many fathers that I know struggle to find... Read More
03 Nov
10 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are Better!

10 Reasons Why RV Vacations Are Better!

You can also listen to our RV Family Travel Atlas podcast: 10 Reasons RV Vacations are Better A few years ago, a great hotel deal tempted us into booking a weekend getaway with the boys. We had never stayed in a hotel with them, and we were quite worried that everything, including sippy cups and blankies, would hit the fan. Well, it did. Two nights in a hotel room with our two year olds had us running back to kiss the road our RV traveled on. After yelling don’t touch that three million times and locking ourselves in the bathroom to eat... Read More
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