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12 Apr
Stephanie’s No-Mod RV Makeover

Stephanie’s No-Mod RV Makeover

On Episode #82: RV Makeover 101 with the Pop Up Princess, I shared 5 ways I had given our RV a little face lift this Spring. After that episode aired, I was surprised by a deluge of emails and social media comments asking when we were going to share pictures of the makeover. Insert long, uncomfortable pause. I’m certainly not an interior designer, and I’m basically the anti-crafty mom. So while I was happy to talk about my RV changes on the podcast episode, I was sort of nervous about sharing photos. I imagined the response would... Read More
07 Apr
5 More Outdoor Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forum!

5 More Outdoor Gear Recommendations from the RVFTA Forum!

We are wrapping up our Spring Gear Guide bonanza with 5 more recommendations for the outside of your RV. On Episode #80: 2016 Spring Gear Guide Part 2, we shared all our recommendations for outdoor RV products including propane level checks, sewer hoses, outdoor rugs, and shoes. Now it’s time to share some great stuff from our forum experts. There are over 250 posts in our Gear and Gadgets forum, and you can scroll through them all here. Tire Pressure Monitor People are always asking us if they should get a tire pressure monitor. We... Read More
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