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Every Camper Needs a Cooler, EBags Crew Cooler

Now that picnic season is in full swing it’s time to ditch that clunky old red plastic cooler for something a bit more sleek.  If you are just packing lunch for your family of four or five I recommend the eBags Crew Cooler III. According to the eBags website the cooler was, “designed specifically for the unique needs of Flight Attendants and Pilots.”  Now, besides eating a tasty  lunch,  I have no idea what “unique needs” the average flight attendant or pilot may have, but I know that this cooler fits the... Read More
15 Jun
Good Night Little Campers…Camp Taylor, New Jersey

Good Night Little Campers…Camp Taylor, New Jersey

Our final camping trip of the season last fall was to Camp Taylor, and it was everything that a fall weekend jaunt should be and more. * There was cold crisp air, bright fall leaves, and packs of wolves howling at the full moon. Yes, packs of wolves. Or maybe just a single pack. I’m not sure. I have twin boys and I don’t get to pay very close attention on guided tours. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is right next to Camp Taylor, and on Saturday morning we boarded a shuttle at the campground and bounced and jostled our way up to the... Read More

Gear for the Girls (a decent cup of joe equals decent human being)

I take back any hostile remarks I ever made about my camp stove. Now that I have the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker, I love my little propane-breathing, three-burner buddy. My camping coffee journey started so authentically last year when I packed a blue-speckled, enamelware percolator for our first family camping trip. The item itself immediately brought to mind what a perfect camping moment should look like–fleeces and Uggs to protect against the chill of the morning, soft mist rising slowly into a clearing sky, bubbles of perfect,... Read More

Let There Be Light (Gear for Geeks: Take One)

Packing the right gear for a camping trip with lively little campers is just as important as packing the right food, or for that matter, packing the kids themselves. If you don’t bring a comfortable and stylish head lamp to the campground you might as well stay home. The head lamp is necessary for reading around the fire at night and for hands-free diaper changes in the dark at five in the morning.  When equipped with a Petzl headlamp you will no longer feel like you need SEAL Team Six to help remove the enemy from your camper. I... Read More
27 May
Holiday Weekends: Know When to Stay Home!

Holiday Weekends: Know When to Stay Home!

This weekend is a bit sentimental for us. One year ago, over Memorial Day weekend, we took our first trip with the camper. It was a steep learning curve for both of us. Jeremy was learning how to manage the camper and I was learning how to manage 1 year olds in the woods. Here was my first idea for containment-an inflatable pool was easy and small to pack, yet could do double duty as a playpen and a bathtub. It was kind of a trick—from day one my boys have had an aversion to gates, fences, or limitations of any kind. This pool worked well for... Read More

Mellow Campfire Mix: Volume One, Family and Friends

 Some suggested tunes for your next campfire: “If I Were a Carpenter” Johnny Cash “Let Me Touch You for Awhile” Alison Krauss & Union Station “Look Down That Lonesome Road” Among the Oak and Ash “I and Love and You” The Avett Brothers “The Shining” Badly Drawn Boy “Judy and the Dream of Horses” Belle and Sebastian “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” Bob Dylan “For Emma” Bon Iver “First Day of My Life” Bright Eyes... Read More
16 May
A Brief History of Locomotion: Mini Kicks Kick Butt

A Brief History of Locomotion: Mini Kicks Kick Butt

There is just no substitute for the entertainment and satisfaction of riding around on a good set of wheels. Although our boys have not yet reached the two-wheeler stage, various ride-ons have been crucial to campsite happiness. We have never taken a trip without bringing along the cycles du jour. We have had varying levels of success with each one, however they all satisfy one enormously important criterion: Never buy a ride-on toy that requires an adult to push it. Never. Ever. Ever. We are good parents. But everyone has their limits. The... Read More

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