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25 Oct
The MiniKicks Still Win Every Time: My scooters are better than your bikes

The MiniKicks Still Win Every Time: My scooters are better than your bikes

It seems that during the week in which my boys learned to crawl they also held a meeting wherein they decided that from that day onward the stroller just would not do. Even under the circumstances of extreme exhaustion, they agreed never to settle for anything less than Momma’s back or Dada’s neck. * For a long stretch of time, we found ourselves doing things like carrying toddlers while pushing an empty stroller. Fools at best; suckers at worst. Eventually we just stopped bringing the stroller and embraced our temporary state as... Read More

He gets the goods; She unpacks them: Book Buying and Book Reading

As you can tell from his last post, Jeremy really loves everything about buying books- not just the books themselves but also the stores, the cafes, and even the (ahem) t-shirts. Yes, he actually owns a Strand t-shirt from the ’90s and it is still in regular rotation. The whole book store thing is a little bit of a romantic attachment, but as he reminds me regularly, it could be worse. And while I don’t enjoy the bookstores, he is right in arguing that I do enjoy the purchases. Lucky for him. Value added. So I kind of see it this... Read More

Heaven is a Bookstore in Maine: The Owl and the Turtle

                                                      Camden and Rockland, Maine Actually, I found heaven in two bookstores in Maine.  The Owl & Turtle Bookshop in Camden and Rock City Books in Rockland were both examples of small, lovingly curated, independent bookstores that did not feel small at all.  An avid reader can spend hours in shops like these because each shelf is worth scanning.  You can feel the love that the owners put into each purchase because there is no wasted space on the shelves. When we camp near a new city or town I... Read More
29 Jun
I Swear on the Gods of Blogging that I did NOT Stage This…

I Swear on the Gods of Blogging that I did NOT Stage This…

Most of the time my boys are the epitome of non-compliance. But everyone once in a while they throw me a bone and make my day. About a week ago, I blogged about the Good Night Series of books and how my boys love them despite suspect illustrations and weakness of plot line. Lo and behold a few days later, I look up from my never-ending kitchen duties and find them scooting and zooming around with–wait for it–those very same books in their hands. * * Now some of you may doubt that a child would read a book and Scoot and Zoom at the... Read More

Every Camper Needs a Cooler, EBags Crew Cooler

Now that picnic season is in full swing it’s time to ditch that clunky old red plastic cooler for something a bit more sleek.  If you are just packing lunch for your family of four or five I recommend the eBags Crew Cooler III. According to the eBags website the cooler was, “designed specifically for the unique needs of Flight Attendants and Pilots.”  Now, besides eating a tasty  lunch,  I have no idea what “unique needs” the average flight attendant or pilot may have, but I know that this cooler fits the... Read More
15 Jun
Good Night Little Campers…Camp Taylor, New Jersey

Good Night Little Campers…Camp Taylor, New Jersey

Our final camping trip of the season last fall was to Camp Taylor, and it was everything that a fall weekend jaunt should be and more. * There was cold crisp air, bright fall leaves, and packs of wolves howling at the full moon. Yes, packs of wolves. Or maybe just a single pack. I’m not sure. I have twin boys and I don’t get to pay very close attention on guided tours. The Lakota Wolf Preserve is right next to Camp Taylor, and on Saturday morning we boarded a shuttle at the campground and bounced and jostled our way up to the... Read More

Gear for the Girls (a decent cup of joe equals decent human being)

I take back any hostile remarks I ever made about my camp stove. Now that I have the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker, I love my little propane-breathing, three-burner buddy. My camping coffee journey started so authentically last year when I packed a blue-speckled, enamelware percolator for our first family camping trip. The item itself immediately brought to mind what a perfect camping moment should look like–fleeces and Uggs to protect against the chill of the morning, soft mist rising slowly into a clearing sky, bubbles of perfect,... Read More

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