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03 Dec
RV Family Travel Atlas Holiday Gift Guide: What Was on that List???

RV Family Travel Atlas Holiday Gift Guide: What Was on that List???

In Episode 10 of RV Family Travel Atlas, we gave our recommendations for 12 great holiday gifts. Here is a list, with links, to all of the products that we reviewed. Listen to the podcast for the complete lowdown on each item! For the Kids… 1. Globe For Kids Illuminated Earth Globe: Our boys’ favorite camper nightlight… 2. Spinaroos: One bin of these blocks will keep kids of all ages happy! 3. Spot It! A Card Game that is great for a rainy day or a little down time after dinner. 4. Kids’ Sprout 12 Day Pack from LL... Read More

RV Organization: We Are Calling In An Expert

We spend so much time in our RV, you might think we had the whole organization thing down. Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let me explain how this works. The whole time we are on vacation I take note of all of the things that are out of order and driving me crazy. I swear that I will find solutions and get things under control…as soon as we get home. Then we get home and I start worrying about work and regular old life with three kids. The camper sits in the driveway, dreadfully neglected until we are ready to hit the... Read More

Ten Reasons Why Your Family Should Start RVing.

Stephanie and I purchased our first RV four years ago and since then we have spent over 100 nights camping with our children.  The memories have been magical and the travel has transformed our lives in so many ways. Are you considering taking the plunge and purchasing your first RV?  Here are ten reasons why you should do so this spring. 1. Campgrounds are much cheaper than hotels.  Much.  Cheaper. 2. Campgrounds always have more family-friendly activities than hotels. 3.  You save oodles of money by making your own meals instead of eating... Read More
16 Mar
Why We Don’t Own an Airstream    (And Probably Never Will…)

Why We Don’t Own an Airstream (And Probably Never Will…)

About a month ago we headed south on the Parkway to destroy some White House subs and attend the Atlantic City RV show.  It was freezing cold outside–so the combo of classic roadfood and indoor motorhome window shopping made for a great day.  We strolled up and down the aisles and checked out some ridiculously sweet Class A’s and Class C’s. Theo really liked this one.  I still can’t figure out why… He also really liked this 40 foot Class A… But he was shocked when I told him the price.  The poor kid... Read More

Giveaway!!! Roadfood by Jane and Michael Stern

Thanks to Clarkson Potter, publisher of the 9th edition of Roadfood, for providing us with 2 copies of this fantastic book to give away to our readers. Enter to win by liking one of the Roadfood posts on Facebook, or you can comment on this post. You get an additional 2 entries if you tell us about your favorite road food experience! We need ideas for our future trips. We have never had a miss using this book, and we are happy to share the love… Read More
02 Mar
Feed Your Belly and Soul with Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood

Feed Your Belly and Soul with Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood

It’s going to snow again tonight at the Jersey Shore. Enough I say!  ENOUGH!!!  When I spot that first seemingly innocent, seemingly cute snowflake I am going to go out into my backyard, shake my fists at the heavens, curse the Polar Vortex, and demand the immediate and unambiguous arrival of Spring. After I do that I’m going to relax and spend the rest of the evening mapping out some of our spring and summer road trips.  We have reservations for campgrounds in Myrtle Beach, The Brandywine Valley, Cape Cod, and the White... Read More

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