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03 May
6 Standout Restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina

6 Standout Restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina

We enjoyed one mouth-watering, belly-filling meal after another during our recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina. And we are still in recovery. I knew before our arrival in the Holy City that we had to taste all the stars of Low Country Cuisine…think shrimp and grits, she-crab soup, and Charleston red rice. What I didn’t know was that this region has experienced a food renaissance over the last 30 years, transforming itself into a world class food destination. Depending on which local you ask, you will get a completely... Read More
17 Nov
The Foods of Fall Camping: Dutch Oven Treats and a Classic Casserole

The Foods of Fall Camping: Dutch Oven Treats and a Classic Casserole

This week our article 3 Classic Campfire Cooking Recipes went live on the Progressive site, and it was perfectly timed for the month of November, when we all want to gather around a table with family and friends enjoying comforting and traditional dishes. The blog post for Progressive included three of our favorite (and easy!) Dutch oven recipes, so head on over there for the recipes. We included… The yummy Breakfast Egg Scramble The classic Dutch Oven Pizza And the perennial favorite, Monkey Bread. Now for another favorite camping dish... Read More

Recipe of the Week: Julie’s Michigan Sauce

We are huge fans of Jane and Michael Stern’s Roadfood book, a wonderful collection of American roadside restaurant recommendations. No matter where we are traveling, we always consult the book before we leave to see if there are any gems in the region to which we are heading. Before we took off for Lake Placid last month, we cracked open Roadfood and found that every Adirondack entry referenced the “Michigans” on the menu. A Michigan? What’s a Michigan? So glad you asked. First things first. A Michigan is not from... Read More
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