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28 Jul
Know When to Hold ‘Em. Know When to Fold ‘Em.

Know When to Hold ‘Em. Know When to Fold ‘Em.

Brattleboro, Vermont It is true that one must plan things well when one is traveling with young ones. There is nothing that turns me into a Debbie Downer faster than hungry toddlers and no food options in sight. Their blood sugar can plummet faster than dotcom stocks at the turn of the century. When the boys start whining for food, my jaw starts to tighten and my sentences get shorter and shorter while my husband makes ill-advised comments about the sort of experiences that will turn our boys into men. In order to avoid this sort of scenario,... Read More

Every Camper Needs a Cooler, EBags Crew Cooler

Now that picnic season is in full swing it’s time to ditch that clunky old red plastic cooler for something a bit more sleek.  If you are just packing lunch for your family of four or five I recommend the eBags Crew Cooler III. According to the eBags website the cooler was, “designed specifically for the unique needs of Flight Attendants and Pilots.”  Now, besides eating a tasty  lunch,  I have no idea what “unique needs” the average flight attendant or pilot may have, but I know that this cooler fits the... Read More

A New Camp Chow Staple: Pasta Salad that Actually Tastes Good!

    In my effort to expand my arsenal of good meals that require no time in front of the camp stove, I decided to try a pasta salad this last weekend. I figured this would make a great Friday night dinner, and also a good side for our packed lunch the next day.    The only problem? I have no pasta salad recipe of which I am particularly fond and most pasta salads I have had in the past taste like rubber covered with Italian dressing.I came up with this recipe using just what I had in the refrigerator and pantry and my new obsession with... Read More
01 Jun
What about the Chow? (or Stephanie’s camp stove confessions)

What about the Chow? (or Stephanie’s camp stove confessions)

I know many people think you can’t have an authentic camping experience without doing things like slow roasting potatoes in the fire. I beg to differ. But before I go any further, I must first state some facts in my own defense. 1. I love food. Good, wholesome, preferably fresh and local food. 2. I prepare meals for my family at least five nights a week. Good, wholesome, fresh meals. 3. My two year old boys eat, with great relish, foods like fish, garbanzo beans, and kale.Now onto some other facts.4. I go on camping trips with my family... Read More
23 May
Pit Stops: Make Them Count (Stephanie’s Rules for Rest Areas)

Pit Stops: Make Them Count (Stephanie’s Rules for Rest Areas)

Even before the boys came along in all of their life-changing glory, Jeremy and I were never ones for air travel. Aside from a few vacations here or there, we embraced the fine art of the road trip. We were pretty good at it, too. One time we made it all the way from New Jersey to California in about 50 hours, stopping only for a brief overnight in Denver accompanied by the best steak dinner of our lives. So for most people, including us, this is how a typical pit stop goes: you find a place where you can get gas, eat a meal, and use the... Read More

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