Campground Review: Lincoln/Woodstock KOA (White Mountains, NH)

Campground Review: Lincoln/Woodstock KOA (White Mountains, NH)

Are you looking for the perfect base camp for your next White Mountains adventure?  If so, then look no further than the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA.  We recently spent six nights at this campground and were incredibly impressed by its facilities and activities, and its layout and location.  In short, we pretty much loved every inch of this near-perfect KOA.  Here are some of the highlights:

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I found myself wandering into the camp store every morning to either browse the shelves, restock our supplies, or pick up maps and information for our day’s adventures.  The boys also each bought, and relished, a bow and arrow set from the toy shelf.  I would often find myself wandering back into the camp store multiple times during the day.  So why the return trips?

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Because Darlene and her crew kept the coffee, and the conversation, flowing all day long.  The camp store usually serves as the heartbeat of a great campground, and that was certainly true here.  By the end of the week I felt like I was dropping by to chat with friends.  There was also a nice lounge in the room right beyond those coffee urns where I watched a World Cup game with my twin boys.  They were both excited by the television’s proximity to the camp store’s well-stocked ice cream freezer.  We were all comfortable on the couches and chairs and Stephanie even delivered our dinner so we could watch the end of the game.

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If you head out the back door of the camp store you will find a fun little mini golf course.  Mom and the boys played three times during our stay and had a blast.  It cost two bucks per person to play.  Mom said that she would have played every night if it had cost a dollar per person per game.  How about one price for the week for unlimited games?  Or a discount for twins or family travel bloggers?

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The pool is also situated right next to the camp store, and it served our family needs perfectly.  When traveling, we like to head out early each morning for hiking, kayaking, and site-seeing, and then head back to the campground for the pool and playground in the late afternoon.  This pool was warm and clean.  But how was the all-important playground?

The ViewFromThe Pirate Ship-2

The playground rocked.  It’s that simple.  It was big and open, with many different nooks and crannies for imaginative play.  Spontaneous games of hide and seek were constantly breaking out, and my kids played pirates for about an hour each evening.  I risked life, limb, and camera to climb aboard the pirate ship for this photo.  I wasn’t forced to walk the plank but I was chased off the deck–then quickly invited back to play “the bad guy.”  But the best part about this playground was that we could see it from our site.  The layout of the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA is perfect for families. There is a large central green in the middle of the campground that contains the activities tent, the playground, the volleyball court, and the jump pad.  No matter what the kids are doing, they are always close by.

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So what is a jump pad?  Many KOA’s have bounce pillows, but the Lincoln/Woodstock KOA has opted for its mellower younger brother.  So what’s the difference?  Well, a jump pad is long and flat, where a bounce pillow looks like, well, a humongous pillow.  The jump pad is a bit more kid friendly because the little guys can’t be torpedoed up into the air by teenagers doing backflips or by middle aged men doing ill-advised seat drops to spontaneously celebrate the eternal joys of KOA camping.

Deluxe Sites That are worth the Splurge-2

I mentioned that our site provided us with a view of the playground.  Well, that’s not all it provided.  We’ll never call it glamping, but our deluxe site was pretty sweet.  It had a gorgeous fire pit surrounded by a paver patio, a Weber grill, patio furniture, and a wooden porch swing.  We used all of those extra features on a daily basis and we felt like the higher price paid for the site was well worth it.  Apparently, so did some of our fellow campers.  When we returned from a hike one afternoon two owners of humongous class A’s from across the street were measuring our site to see if their rigs would fit on it.  They assured us that both of their rigs would, indeed fit.  We were all relieved.

Days in the Mountains, Evenings in the-3

Last but not least, we loved the nightly hay rides around the campground.  That’s right, nightly.  At most campgrounds your lucky to get a hay ride on Saturday night.  But here they appeared to be running them every night.  What a perfect way to end a day of adventure in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  After several boisterous loops around the campground waving at all of the tent campers, RVers, and cabin renters, it was time to make s’mores, give our campers a bath, and put them to bed.  But Darlene and Rob had a surprise for everyone at the end of the hay ride!

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A bucketful of free ice pops for all of the kids? Are these kampground owners krazy? Did they want to start a kid riot?  No, of course not. There was no need to worry.  Darlene runs a tight ship. There were more than enough ice pops for everyone.  She brought a bucketful for goodness sake.


After they finished their icy treats the boys insisted that they were not ready for bed.  There was still some daylight left.

“Dad, can we go in the pool instead of taking a bath?”

When its summer, and your camping, the answer to that question must always be yes.





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