How We Roll When a Campground Rocks! (Myrtle Beach KOA)

How We Roll When a Campground Rocks! (Myrtle Beach KOA)

When we pulled into the Myrtle Beach KOA and saw families lounging by the pool and kids romping through the spray ground my son Max asked, “can we always come back here?”  Both of the boys were still buckled up in their car seats but they knew that this campground was going to be special–and they were so right.


We had just pulled in, but it was quickly becoming apparent that we had discovered one of our new favorite places on planet earth.  We had also finally put the long, cold New Jersey winter somewhere far, far behind us. The sweet smell of Wisteria was filling the air and the warm South Carolina sun felt luxurious on our bare arms.

I could pretty much just write a three word review of the Myrtle Beach KOA–THIS PLACE ROCKS!–and call it a day.  But I want to take a minute to tell you, and show you, why this campground has got these campers so excited.

Jeremiah, the manager, is warm and welcoming, and every single member of his team has been friendly and helpful.  When we reserved our site a few months ago I asked to be close to the playground, but not too close.  Viola–no problem!  He placed us on a perfectly positioned full hook-up pull through.  Just as requested.


The site is also surprisingly spacious and private.  Our 33 foot White Hawk fit with extra room to spare for setting up a comfortable base camp.



The playground, which is set along the banks of a shady lake, has been perfect for Max and Theo–and for Wes, who is becoming quite the ambitious little explorer.  He practically walked to the pool by himself yesterday!



And who wouldn’t love the two wooden bears on a tree stump right in front of the playground–just one of the many small touches that make this entire campground feel cared for and visually appealing.


Wesley was also pretty excited to feed the ducks–and the purchase price of the duck food goes directly to KOA’s awesome Care Camps charity for kids with cancer.  Definition of a win-win, right?


Did I mention the bounce pillow with lake view?  If you’re camping with kids this place is simply over the top my friends!


For the boys the best thing about the Myrtle Beach KOA may just be the sprayground, pool, and kiddie pool complex–and the fact that South Carolina is warm enough for swimming in April.  THIS is why Stephanie really wanted to drive here for our spring break.  Little did she know that Wes would take such great joy in splashing her during our first family swim of the season.


In my opinion, the best thing about the Myrtle Beach KOA is its incredibly lovely and unique location.  The campground is one block from the main drag in town, and two blocks from one of the East Coast’s most popular beaches. But the location is secluded, deeply wooded, and filled with tall trees. The word “oasis” comes to mind.  The lake that cuts through the middle of the campground also gives this KOA a charming and rustic feel.

I can only think of one major problem with this campground.  They also have the same problem at the Cape Hatteras KOA.

It’s just crawling with pirates.


Captain Max says “its time to walk the plank!”

But I say, welcome to spring! And welcome to Season 5 of Lively Little Campers!




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