CAMPGROUND REVIEW: Pleasant Acres Farm Campground

CAMPGROUND REVIEW: Pleasant Acres Farm Campground


When Stephanie and I decided to buy our first pop-up camper we were hoping that we would travel a lot and travel cheap.  We have owned our Flagstaff 625d for about 18 months now and we have spent 48 nights camping
.  Not shabby, right?  We would never have been able to spend 48 nights in hotels.  Just too expensive.  Besides, as we mentioned in a previous post, when it comes to family vacation time–we pretty much hate hotels.  Camping really is so much cheaper.  Sometimes….


Pleasant Acres Farm Campground lived up to its name and then some.  The place was pleasant, they owned some serious acres (300 of them!), there was a farm with plenty of animals, and a quiet, peaceful, and cozy campground.
This part of Sussex County can, at times, look like central Ireland.  On a cool fall day it’s almost hard to believe that you’re in New Jersey. Particularly if your driving around with Van Morrison playing on the radio.When you pull up to the camp-store at Pleasant Acres to register the first thing to strike you is the gorgeous view of theKittatinny Mountains.  Unfortunately, the second thing to strike you is the price of camping.
Pleasant Acres charges 52 bucks a night for a nice sized site with full-hookups.  However, they charge an extra six dollars per buckaroo, and we’ve got two of those. With tax that’s almost 70 dollars a night.  Luckily, we had a Go Rving coupon that gave us one free night.  Love that coupon book! It has saved us over 200 dollars.  You can get one too when you buy an RV from a participating dealer.  That coupon really took the sting out of the price.
While we were registering the staff member informed us that there would be an all you could eat french toast breakfast the following morning–and that pretty much made the sting go by-by.  Free french toast? For the whole family?  All you can eat?  I stopped  feeling bad about the price of camping and started feeling bad for the campground owners.  Our crew could easily eat about 20 dollars worth of french toast.  Why plan on eating lunch later?  This is why they invented brunch for God’s sake.  Game on!
Our camping buddies had selected our site this time and they did a great job.  They picked two sites together that were actually called a “buddy site” on the campground map.  If you head up to Pleasant Acres with friends I would recommend these two sites.  They were quiet, grassy, shaded, and close (but not too close) to the bathrooms.  The bathrooms and the showers were also exceptionally clean.
After we set up camp we sneaked in a campfire before the rain started to pour.  It rained throughout the night but the sun began to shine during the french toast buffet in the morning. After a hearty and heavy breakfast the boys discovered the superball machine in the arcade and it changed our weekend in a profound way.  I think one of those balls is still bouncing around the campground somewhere.  Chasing superballs all over North Jersey is a great way to burn off breakfast calories.
The boys really enjoyed scooting around Pleasant Acres and visiting the animals around the pond.  Stephanie and I enjoyed the peacefulness of the campground and its proximity to High Point State Park and other family friendly activities (see previous posts).  It was another great weekend for the Lively Little Campers even though our campfire was rained out Saturday night.  We spent a peaceful night reading in the pop-up while the boys snoozed away.  There was a country band playing at the campground’s pavillion, but the quiet pitter-patter of the raindrops on the canvas was good enough for me.


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